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You are guaranteed to receive high quality, genuine Nullarbor Couch OZ TUFF premium turf grass, as it can only be grown and supplied by registered turf producers and suppliers.

Nullarbor Couch OZ TUFF has a low growth profile and low nutritional requirements, making it a high quality turf variety and a great choice for a range of lawn needs; from the standard Aussie backyard to sporting fields.

Nullarbor Couch OZ TUFF wins out where other turf varieties often fail.

It develops a strong, deep root system giving it the edge in stressful conditions, including drought, and grows in poor quality soil. It has been scientifically evaluated to be one of the most environmentally sustainable turf varieties:

• Has the highest salt tolerance of any green couch variety
• Tolerates the use of recycled water
• Has low nutritional requirements which saves you time and money
• Is easy to keep clean and weed free
• Has a finer leaf which results in less water evaporation
• Is slow growing which means less mowing
• Stays greener for longer and recovers quickly after stressful conditions
• Is durable and robust – withstands heavy wear
• Is a soft, lush, dense couch

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