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Sir Walter DNA Certified is Australia’s number one Buffalo Lawn. It was created in Australia for its diverse conditions and has proven to grow anywhere, from full sun or shade, extreme heat, frost or drought. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn is bred to be tough, yet soft and luxurious. There have been over 50 million metres (equivalent to 450,000 homes) of Sir Walter DNA Certified sold Australia-wide. Its versatility and hardiness cannot be matched.

Sir Walter DNA Certified has a tight growth habit that holds out most weeds. It has the capability of restoring itself rapidly if damaged, reducing the occurrence of bare patches. Mowing will become your favourite chore when you see the finished result!

A Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn can reduce heat generated from the sun by up to 10C degrees and its roots grow deep into the subsoil gathering moisture. So why have a brown lawn when you can have a lush, green, drought-tolerant lawn like Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo?

There are a number of Buffalo Grasses available on the market, but none of these have been able to exceed Sir Walter DNA Certified's strength and beauty. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn is:

• Drought tolerant and tough
• Disease and fungus resistant
• Great in full sun and shade
• Australian born and bred
• Weed resistant
• Self-repairing
• Salt tolerant
• Environmentally friendly
• Soft to touch
• Low allergy
• Requires little mowing and fertilising

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