How much turf do I need?

Measuring square / rectangle yards

Step 1: Draw a diagram of the area. If you have the original house plans, that could help immensely.

Step 2: If your yard is not square or rectangular, section your yard on the sketch to make it easier to measure each area accurately.

Step 3: Using a tape measure, measure of each section and write them on your drawing.

Step 4: Calculate each area and total up.  Always double check your measurements, adding 3 to 5% for miscalculations.


Measuring triangle shape yards

If you have a triangle shape yard, measure your length by width and divide the total amount by 2.


Measuring oval yards

If you have an oval shape yard, measure the width in a couple of places evenly along the length of your yard, as below. Add the measurements together then divide by the number of areas you measured to find the average width, then multiply by the length for the total amount of turf needed.


Measuring circular lawn area

Round yards are measured by measuring the radius then multiply the radius x radius x 3.14 (A = Pi x R²).