Sir Grange

New Turf on the Block!!

Sir Grange is Australia’s newest and most luxurious fine leaf turf. A zoysia cultivar that is surprising easy to maintain even in the harshest of climates. Sir Grange is as equally as drought tolerant as DNA Certified Sir Walter, as well as being full sun and shade tolerant with only 2 to 3 hours of direct sunlight required per day.

Sir Grange also is also naturally high disease and pest tolerant. It also has a texture that is soft under foot as well as hardy for all those backyard cricket and soccer matches and being such low maintenance, you will be able to spend more time playing on your lawn than working on it.

The drought tolerance of the Sir Grange is particularly noticeable here on the farm, with us only having to water it 50% less than other varieties.

First developed for use on golf courses because of its ability to hold under different mowing heights, it is fast becoming one of Australia’s new favorite’s.

Sir Grange’s properties include:

  • Very high drought resistance
  • 75% shade tolerance
  • Can handle full sun
  • Very high wearing
  • Very low maintenance
  • Fine leaf / Dark Green in colour
  • Weed and insect resistance